Saturday, September 18, 2004

Spiritual Preparedness

Spiritual Preparedness is the most powerful kind since it frees you from many other cares. It centers your soul and that is very valuable. This is the shortest list and it is a simple list, but it is not always easy.
1) Prayer.
Spend time talking with God.
2) Scripture Study
Spend time learning what God has told us. He tends to
repeat himself because we don't listen very well. It has
been recommended that we read half an hour per day.
The church website now has the
scriptures as mp3s so you can listen to them anywhere.
3) Family Home Evening
Spend time teaching God's word to each other, and
with each other.
4) Temple Attendance
Go to where the Lord lives and spend time with Him and what He has to teach us.
"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." (D&C 38:30)

A common theme in the scriptures is that we should be generous and helpful to our neighbors. The parable of the Good Samaritan is the big one. A Year's Supply will feed 1 person for 365 days or 365 people for 1 day or 1095 people for one meal. How you react to a disaster may be as important as how prepared for it you are.

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