Friday, September 24, 2004

Redo the Office

It finally became too much, I had to redo the office because it had gotten too hard to get things done. Too much of the things I use often were just out of reach and now they are in reach. The real thing of it is that my needs have changed in the past few months and so this was necessary. I did get some good ideas from 43 Folders and I think they have made a real difference.

I did end up going to Home Depot a couple of times to get extra shelving and pegs that was a lot of work but worth it. I also got rid of a lot of junk, just a lot of old stuff that was cluttering up the place. I do have a small pile of handwritten notes I need to transcribe still but it is not too bad. I'll take it on in small batches.

I have noticed that the office evolves over time as my needs, interests and abilities change. I am constantly reading so having lot of shelf space is important but I usually only have a couple of books that I need handy at any given time, so having a space for the current books at the desk is all I really need that rest being across the room. Having a wood floor would make rolling a lot easier but this works better so I am a little more careful in what I do at any time. Also having a tickler file at the desk will work better too.

Applying Perato's Law also and getting rid of the 80% of stuff that isn't good is going to make a big difference but keeping it as a habit will be challenging

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