Friday, September 10, 2004

Being Prepared

As an old Eagle Scout I do believe in being prepared. I have a lot of information on becoming prepared and I just posted several summaries. A lot of disaster big and small have happened in the last month so I put those all together to make some sense of them all.

When my Mother went into the hospital for the last time it was obvious she wasn't going to come out. So I created a simple Deathwatch bag. Just some snacks, books and toys for our daughter and ourselves for the trip all the way down there, and some extra gas cash. So when Mom died going down there was no big deal.

There have also been a lot of other things going on:
Hurricanes in Florida
Wildfires in the West our county had the first wildfire of the season, but we have been getting just enough rain to keep things quiet.
The Russian school terrorist hostage taking. I would not be surprised if they take a page our of Israel's history to deal with that problem.
We had snow in the Colorado High Country for Labor day, so we should get ready for blizzards.

It has been a very exciting year.

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