Thursday, September 23, 2004

Making things a little more useful

I was at Home Depot yesterday getting some more shelving, having so many books is such a chore:) and found a couple of fun little things.

The first s CableCuff a little plastic round thing that makes a great cable organizer, I had been having some difficulties with some cables behind my desk, I kept pulling on them with my feet and that was a small distraction I just didn't need anymore, it was only 89 cents so I thought "why not." It works great getting the cables organized.

The other was a small Compact Fluorescent (CF) bulb. I have been replacing or trying to replace my bulbs as they burn out with CF bulbs, They do cost a bit more but they will last long enough that I might not need to replace them and they use only a quarter of the energy to run compared to regular incandescent bulbs. The biggest problem has been that CF bulbs are rather large and don't fit in some of the fixtures we have. Now they have some that are the same size and even a little smaller then a standard light-bulb which will allow me to start changing a few more of these fixtures. These is a big step in making it easier for people to change to CF bulbs.


Anonymous said...

the cablecuffs are very useful. I lucked out and bought several when I had the chance and now I know several people who want them. do you have any idea where i can find them now? searches of home depot and lowes have been fruitless.

Stephan said...

I saw some just last week at Home Depot, they were in the ropes and chains area rather then someplace sensible like by the extension cords.

Anonymous said...

do a search with these words:

Seem to be the same products --I saw assorted combos of items in "family packs" available on some websites.

Good luck.