Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Did Noah's Flood occur on...

Did an Asteroid Impact Cause an Ancient Tsunami? - New York Times: "...the morning of May 10, 2807 B.C. Dr. Masse analyzed 175 flood myths from around the world, and tried to relate them to known and accurately dated natural events like solar eclipses and volcanic eruptions. Among other evidence, he said, 14 flood myths specifically mention a full solar eclipse, which could have been the one that occurred in May 2807 B.C. Half the myths talk of a torrential downpour, Dr. Masse said. A third talk of a tsunami. Worldwide they describe hurricane force winds and darkness during the storm. All of these could come from a mega-tsunami."

Whether it did or not is not the issue. The amazing thing about this is that we are seeing a multidisciplinary approach to solving a puzzle. The astronomers are looking at the sky and seeing a few worrisome asteroids but none that are all that close so they assume that asteroids only impact once or twice every million years. Geologists are looking at the ground and see odd things they can't explain readily and who knew there were even specialists in something called environmental archaeology.

But look at the power of synergy as they come together to puzzle out why shellfish fossils have metal fuzed to them and are a long way from the ocean.

I remember as a child I watched a pair of PBS shows back to back, one about food handling and the problems of moving and storing wheat and rice and how they had to solve problems about how they flow in and out of a storage facility. The very next show was about earthquakes and how they were having a tough time with soil liquefaction. Had those two groups come together they may have solved their problems a bit faster.

Relating it to ourselves. Being well read is not about having read Shakespeare in college but in reading all kinds of things and that gives you the ability to put puzzles like this together.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wired News: Making Water From Thin Air

Wired News: Making Water From Thin Air: "The water-harvesting technology was originally the brainchild of the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which sought ways to ensure sustainable water supplies for U.S. combat troops deployed in arid regions like Iraq."

Now you too can fulfill your dream of becoming a moisture farmer like those on Tatooine.

This is a great breakthrough. Good clean water is relatively rare on this planet. There have even been people saying the next big war will be over water.

I like this story a lot because they weren't funded by DARPA like a couple of other companies were. They came out of left field and blew them away.

Never give up if you have a good idea, start working on it, there is no perfect time, only time that is slipping away.

I just read in a few places that blogs are pretty much saturated. That tells me that it is the prefect time to start something new. So I will be posting a bit more often.