Thursday, September 09, 2004

72 Hour Personal Evacuation Kit

Disasters like hurricanes, wildfires and chemical releases require you and your family to evacuate, You need to have a place to go to and a plan to get there. which I will discuss tomorrow, but here are some things you would need to get there.
In other cases a fast moving disaster like a tornado or earthquake will cut you off from the outside world for a short time. With most disasters there is a delay of about 3 days for most relief agencies to mobilize and get supplies to a disaster area. The food is not gourmet and most would recommend twice the water but this will get you by.
This kit has been broken down down into several sub kits to make it easier to understand what they are for. There are also basic and advanced sections so you can build up as you have the funds and experience. Basic should get you by, advanced will generally make it more comfortable. There are some duplications, that is intentional, some things you never have enough of.
You should try to put this into a backpack in case, your car is disabled and you must continue.

Food and Consumables Kit (per person)
These items need to be replaced every 6 months. At the same time check your spare tire for pressure, tires for wear and fluid levels.
Basic items (per person)
o 9 Energy bars (upgrade to MREs with heaters)
o 1 roll hard candies
o 3 1 liter bottles of seltzer water or club soda (has lower freezing point)
o First aid kit including prescriptions that the family needs.
o Batteries for flashlight, cellphone, weather radio, GPS, hearing aid, and other electronics
o Travel packs of baby wipes (clean hands)
Advanced items
o 3 more 1 liter bottles of seltzer water or club soda (has lower freezing point)

Clothes (per passenger)
Basic assumes you are dressed for the day, advanced assumes you had to jump out of bed. Put all of these in sealed plastic bags to keep them dry. Summer and winter make some changes.
Basic items
o 1 set socks and underwear. (cold wet feet are bad for warmth and morale)
o 1 wind breaker to keep the wind and rain off.
o 1 pair of work gloves
o 1 wool or fleece hat
o 1 emergency blanket
o 1 pair extra eyeglasses or contacts
Advanced items
o 1 long sleeved shirt
o 1 pair of pants
o 1 pair rain pants
o 1 pair mittens
o 1 sleeping bag

Tool Kit
o AM/FM/TV/Weather radio
o Flashlight
o Cellphone
o Swiss army knife or Multitool
o Candles and matches/lighters

Document Kit
List of important phone numbers, account numbers and ID numbers. If you home is destroyed, you can at least prove you owned it.
o Survival guide
o List of phone numbers and addresses and e-mails of important people in your life: parents, siblings, spouse, children, work, church, and anyone else important.
o Social security numbers
o Passports
o Birth certificates
o Mortgage, deeds and titles
o Drivers License
o Insurance Papers: Health, life, home, car, and etc.
o Family Genealogy
o Family Photos, labeled so you know who is who.
o House inventory video on DVD (insurance claim purposes)
o Backup CDs of the data on your computer.

Baby/Child (per Child)
This changes as children grow up, but for infants figure on 10 diapers and feedings per day. Even if you are breast feeding, put in the formula since you may have been seperated. Toddlers and older children would have water and canned baby food.
This should go into a shoulder bag if you have babies or small children. Older children can carry a small pack.
o 1 standard package of baby wipes
o 30 diapers, also very useful for controlling bleeding
o 30 sticks of formula for bottle feedings
o 2 bottles with nipples and rings
o 2 2l bottle of water to make formula and clean bottles
o 3 sets of clothes
o 1 Blankie
o 1 stuffed animal or other comfort toy

Toiletries (per person)
Things to keep you feeling clean, which is great for morale.
Basic items
o 1 mini Kleenex
o 1 travel toothbrush or toothbrush in zip lock bag
o 1 trial size toothpaste
o 1 trial size soap
o 1 disposable razor
o 1 metal camp cup (can boil water in)
o 1 travel pack baby wipes
o 1 trial size shampoo and conditioner
o 1 roll toilet paper
o 16 Overnight Feminine Hygiene Napkins
Advanced items
o 1 nail file (smooth nails, roughen wires for better connections)
o 1 pack breath mints (sugar based for the energy)
o 1 small comb
o 1 trail size antiperspirant
o 1 camp mirror (useful for signaling)
o 1 manual breast pump (if you get seperated from your baby)

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