Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Odd Powers of Steve Jobs

Using a Mac is great. I get much more done on my Mac then on my PC but it is so weird to see the effects of one of Steve Jobs' keynotes. The Reality Distortion Field(TM) he has is really impressive.

I have read several people recently saying how great Apples' Marketing but to my eyes all I see are image ads, the "we're cool and that is all we have to say about it" ind of ads. But that is not a terribly good reason to buy something.

I would much rather have an ad that gives me good reasons to buy a product. Features like Searchlight are a great thing, I have over 2 GB of data on my hard drive and trying to find something is rather more difficult then I like. Fast User Switching was a great feature for my family since that allows us to share the computers far easier though the HP printer driver restricts that some since it doesn't work if more then one user is logged in. And I like having the ability to have a dozen or so applications open at the same time and the system doesn't fall down on me.

It almost seems as though Steve is happy at the few percent of market share that Apple has. That does not seem like who he is, but it seems to me that the advertising that Apple is doing is holding it back more then helping it.

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