Friday, July 09, 2004

Apple Needs Better Marketing

With all of the Apple commercials and print ads that I have seen I have only seen one that shows me what I can do with a Mac. The one showed a kid that made an alarm clock for an original iMac that played music and showed pictures and had a recording of his mother telling him to get up. That gives us a reason to buy a Mac.

How about a commercial like this.
An older couple pull an iMac out of the box, pull in power and telephone put an iSight on top and the next thing you see are the grandchildren waving "Hi, grandma and grandpa!" in the iChatAV window.

Show a young mother downloading pictures to iPhoto and creating a .Mac webpage.

Show an architect rendering a skyscraper.

Show an office worker building a report with Word and Excel.

Show a teenager with a video camera making a music video and burning it to DVD and showing it on a big screen TV to a bunch of others.

Show an executive giving a Keynote presentation.

Show the Mac doing stuff and people will pay attention.
The image ads are cute but a complete waste of money.

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