Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Looking At Something Else

This HBS article has a very interesting quote:

Toyota is so confident that its system cannot be replicated that it has welcomed competitors into its factories. "Study us all you want," the company has said. Despite decades of trying, no rival has matched Toyota's system.

It tells me that what people study when they get the look is not what needs to be looked at. It isn't just the technology or just the people. It would be how they interact.
It is like Fourobous quotes, "Culture is more important then strategy." Both are needed or they wouldn't be nearly as effective.
It is similar to a good message presented badly, the message will still get through though not to as many people. A bad message presented well doesn't work very well either. A good message and a good presentation are far more powerful together then not.
It is almost like a street magician, one hand most fast to draw your eye as he slowly moves his other hand that has the quarter hidden in it.

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