Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Mac vs Windows

In the last week I have come across just a load of very interesting articles on computers and how they help and hurt us.

Daring Fireball has Broken Windows a telling statistic is that there are nearly 1000 new viruses introduced on Windows every month. That is too insane to believe. Before OS X the Mac had only about 300.

If you think I am exaggerating how about this article from Windows Network magazine. How much money did he flush down the toilet just trying to get his laptop working again. It would probably be cheaper to buy a second laptop that is only used when the first is taken out, while someone else deals with reinstalling Windows.

Funny Business has a terrible time with a PC sent out for repair.

Then there is this ZDnet Study about how often PCs are down. Since they are down 9 days a year that would mean a loss of $7,200/yr in productivity (engineer costing the company $100/hr)
And they say that a Mac costs too much!? That like 9 new eMacs EVERY year.

That is a lot of pain I am glad I don't deal with it much any more.

Got to MacvsPC for a lot for information.

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