Thursday, July 08, 2004

All Evil Needs To Win is For Good People To Do Nothing

They Want Us To Destroy Ourselves
USS Clueless does a great job talking about Michael Moore and the Loony Left.

All Evil Needs To Win is For Good People To Do Nothing.
A lot of people are beginning to say that they are not going to vote at all because they don't like Bush but they don't like the Democratic ticket either. The problem is that the Loony Left WILL get out an vote. If you don't vote you are agreeing with whoever wins. They won't pay any attention to you if you don't vote at all, Politicians can only understand votes, Even if you vote for a third party then your vote counts and will be noticed.

To not vote is to say you don't care, and if you don't care why should they, they will talk to people who talk to them and if you aren't talking to them, who is?

Back of the Envelope Calculations
There are about 3000 counties in the US and with about 300,000,000 and about 12% of people voting you end up with a side needing only 122 votes to win a county, actually less since not everyone is eligible to vote. If we say half the people can vote (Average family size of 4) then it only takes 61 votes to win a county. If 40% always vote Republican and 40% always vote Democrat then that makes it only 12 people who have to swing the vote.

How hard would it be to get 12 people together to vote as a block in each county?

It might not really be this straightforward but it isn't all that hard.

Go out and vote the more people voting the harder it will be to get those people together.

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