Monday, January 07, 2008

Why Movie Theater Prices Are So High (and keep rising)

Why Movie Theater Prices Are So High (and keep rising): "The only area that consistently brings any profit at all is concessions. And here's the kicker... this is what will really blow your mind: Less than 10% of movie customers even bother buying concessions."

This is one of those thing where it certainly seems like the whole system is broken. It looks like capitalism isn't working in this case and that may be true though it may be from a lack of compromise.

We only saw a couple of movie last year Harry Potter and Ratatouille. We are only looking forward to two movies this year as well, Harry Potter and Wall-E.

We usually get popcorn and soda because it does help the theaters, we've known that for a while.

We also have pretty much given up on television too, We moved and didn't bother setting up the TV we are just watching DVD's on a computer with a good sized monitor. It just doesn't make much sense to watch very much anymore. There is just too much garbage and we just don't have the time to deal with it any more.

The big problem is that getting to the movie at the time for a good audience is a problem. It is weird to laugh at a joke and no one else does. Eventually having a good home theater with seating for our friends so we can all enjoy at the same time would be great. The audience can really improve the experience. Just like laugh tracks in sit-coms it is more fun if everyone is laughing at the same time.

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