Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it time to move on? | Slow Leadership

Is it time to move on? | Slow Leadership: "Do I have a voice at work—does anyone who matters listen to what I say? There’s nothing more depressing and demotivating than feeling that you don’t matter as a person."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. You don't matter as a person.

You are a number.
You are a problem.
You are a cog.
You are a statistic.
You are a consumer.

I am not a number to be filed or a problem to be solved. I am a person and I want something different. I want some compassion.

"it's not personal. It's business." - The Godfather
That is the worst excuse for betrayal out there. It's _ALL_ personal. They forget you before you've left the room, but you still have to explain to your wife and your little girl why things are no longer the same.

"Loser: When your very best still isn't good enough." - Despair.com

When the work you do doesn't even matter to the company your do it for, doing your very best is really hard. Do your best and you will be rewarded. Yeah, right.
"You're a great worker, in the top 1%, in the top 12 really. We're not firing you, but you better get back to work." That was pretty much what they told me when I worked at a call center for a 4 months. That $0.25 raise they talked about never came nor any other perk. No surprise really, but when I turned yellow they said you look fine. After I got out of the hospital I never went back. That cost more then I earned there.
I saw my last boss a few days ago. I saw him and he saw me but he didn't even acknowledge I was there.

I was looking though some of the bonus material on a Pixar DVD and I see them have this wonderful team environment. My soul aches for something like that but actually I've never seen that in real life. I've read stories about great teams and team work was talked a lot about in school, but I've never met someone in real life who was on a great team.

When you pour your soul into doing something to the very best of your ability it hurts a lot when they ignore it or throw it away. You can't not care about it because you did it, not some machine. Of course when you act like a machine to protect yourself, nobody cares about you because they don't want to be around someone like that.

Better to aim for the stars and it the moon, then aim for the mud and find it.
Things need to change.

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