Thursday, January 03, 2008

What are goals worth?

We are a goal oriented society. We see it all over the place: New Year's Resolutions, company goals, even ToDo lists are really just a daily goal list.

We can easily overwhelm ourselves with dozens of goals or you can focus on just one or create a theme for the year.

We also don't have just our own goals but we are also often given goals from the organizations we belong to. I've seen departmental goals, and regional goals and company-wide goals and initiatives come and go.

One thing I know for sure any goal or project needs attention if it is to get done and it also needs a minimum amount of attention right at first just to get off of the ground. It is different for each goal but it is something we need to know and care about.

A goal is really an attempt to set a new habit and it take 14-30 days to set one. It also helps if you use the new one to substitute for an old bad or obsolete habit. Then its easy to realize that you have fallen into an old habit and have someplace new to go.

Writing a goal down is worth a lot, USA Today followed some New Year's resolution setters for a year and found those that wrote down their goals had a 1150% better chance of reaching those resolutions then those who didn't. Reviewing and sharing them help too, but often not as much.

But there are other tools as well. One that I just found is the Concrete Goals Tracker which looks very helpful.

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