Monday, January 14, 2008

Conceptual Trends and Current Topics

Conceptual Trends and Current Topics: "That part of film magic is evident in any 'making-of' movie. What's new is that the new camera/apps are steadily coming becoming like a word processor -- both pros and amateurs use the same one. The great script is not due to a better word processor; it's how the great write uses it. Likewise, a great film is not due to better gear. The same gear needed to make a good film is today generally available to amateurs -- which was not so even a decade ago. Film making gear is approaching a convergence between professional and amateur, so that what counts in artistry and inventiveness."

With Print on Demand services like lulu getting a book in print is not a problem. What used to cost tens of thousands now costs a hundred bucks.

It has been a few years now that a band could get a buy a computer some microphones and some software to create a recording studio in their basement or garage. Apple gives away an audio editing program, Garageband, away with each computer and plenty of bands use it very well.

The same thing is happening with video editing. There are plenty of ways to make a movie with a cast of thousands but you can do something similar with a cast of just a few.

And it is not only in the creative fields but others as well. In the field of biology it is getting easier and easier to modify and even create your own lifeforms. Some people are even thinking we are in a race, that we need to get people on other planets before we are capable of having a single person create a virus that can kill us all.

If it is hooked up to a computer it just gets less and less expensive over time. One of the few things that does.

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