Saturday, June 26, 2004

Gardening today

Mowed the lawn before the first thunderstorm started and finished planting wooly Thyme by the sideway next to the Marigolds to provide a ground cover that can stand up to the occasional trodding on. Got them in just as thunderstorm #2 started to rain on us.

I don't mind mowing the lawn, it is a good time for me to listen to an audiobook and think. I realized that something our builder didn't do but could do, is combine forces with a landscaping company or two to make getting the lawns and things in go easier. A new house needs landscaping and the builder knows these people he could get a cut of what the landscaper makes because the referral would be worth quite a bit to the landscaper. The landscaper could then have repeat business from the homeowner by providing sprinkler blowouts, deals on annual flowers, and lawn care. Over the average home ownership of seven years that could build up to be quite a lot of money over a neighborhood or five.

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