Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The devil in the details

We have a really good house: it fits our lifestyle really well, is well made and was a good deal.

But it is some of the details that are annoying. A couple of lightswitches are a little too far from where you would think they should be. And the island is about 6 inches too close to the ovens and it would be really nice to have a door to the entire bathroom, so we don't wake each other up at night.
There are alot of thigs done right in this house, a door at the top of the basement stairs, so falling down the stairs by accident is practically eliminated, the doors are full sized which make the house feel bigger as well as letting us move the crib and other furniture around very easily.

None of these things are major but it has brought home to me just how important the details are. It is the details that make a house useful and an aid to your lifestyle or just a place to store your stuff and sleep.

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