Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Best in the World

I was reading some of Jim Collins' "Good to Great" and something he talks about that fits in with yesterday is the concept of being the best in the world.

Looking at the Yellow Pages you quickly see that there are a lot of companies competing in the same spaces. There are a lot of companies that can't be best in the world because the product or service cannot extend beyond a certain distance from headquarters for example pizza delivery.

It now seems to me that it might be be enough to be the best in your area. Your area is limited by what you do, If you are a street vendor you need to be the best on the block, a pizza delivery place might have a 5 mile radius, for some workers it is a 50-75 mile radius they need to become the best in.

To me it seems that the more impersonal (or the least need of personal interaction with the product or service) and more specialized your product the larger your radius becomes.

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