Monday, October 01, 2007

Oct. 1, 1908: A Basic Car for the Great Unwashed

Oct. 1, 1908: A Basic Car for the Great Unwashed : "The Model T was the first mass-produced automobile in history; approximately 15 million were built during a period lasting nearly 20 years. It achieved exactly what Henry Ford set out to do: to 'build a motorcar for the great multitude.'"

One of the most important changes in our society was the introduction of cheap and easy transportation. Not to say we have completely mastered the technology of the car but we are getting better at it.

The problems we have with the car aren't the cars but the designs of our cities. Cities changes slowly but there are buildings and whole sections of major cities that have stood since before the introduction of the car.

There has to be smething to be said about how much things changed when Ford used technology to reduce the assembly time of a car from 12 hours to 24 seconds.

from Wired.

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