Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Interesting Life

"May You Live In Interesting Times." -old Chinese Curse

It certainly got interesting around here. We've moved our family into a new apartment and finally got internet access to it. My work moved from an office space into a house, then was put on retainer (because the computers actually work now and don't need me fulltime) so I need to find a new job and my wife and I are taking a amateur radio class I was called to be the Emergency Preparation Specialist at church.

I've been big on emergency preparation for sometime. I've got loads on information and I link to it from time to time. So really this is a dream calling for me. I am going to be putting together the manual for the church so there is a plan in place for helping our families and other around us during a disaster.

Taking the ham class was more for us. My sister, brother in law and some of her kids have their licenses and this would be a good way to keep in touch.We often hear about ham radio operators helping out in emergencies, it is actually a lot more extensive then that so this will be a lot of fun. You can actually experiment in the ham bands building antennas and radios and interfaces to other services. Hams can connect to the Internet already, but I wonder if they can do Twitter. Lots of Hams also look at those big balloons at car dealerships and wonder if they are any good for floating an antenna to boost the range. It will be fun to build radios again. As I'm digging through out stuff I am finding all kinds of neat old things I can use to rebuild a work bench.The only real problem is I don't have any place to put one.

It won't be boring for a while.

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