Friday, September 07, 2007

Bandwidth Hogs may just have a Worm

"Some customers are unaware they are using so much capacity, sometimes because neighbors are covertly connecting through unsecured wireless routers. ... Others, however, may be running bandwidth-hungry servers intended for small businesses from their homes, which can bog down a network serving a neighborhood." - MSNBC

"We've seen spikes where the owner is experimenting with something and those spikes are usually five to 10 times what we normally see," he said, noting he suspects the botnet could be as large as 50 million computers." - ITNews

I wonder if they might consider that their customers might not be in control of their own computers. We just got Comcast, because there is no other choice.

I've helped a lot of people clean up their computers and it is usually a terrible sight. Sure I know you should update your computer and finally so does Microsoft but there are plenty of computers that are still not patched and that is where these worms thrive.

Someone is running new underground cable past our apartment complex but we don't know who or if it will be for internet but we can always hope.

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