Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Computer Consultant Resume

A systems administrator with 7+ years experience in large and small networks. 
Expert with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and UNIX. 
With 5+ years writing and documentation experience and experience creating and maintaining business systems.

Network Management
Business Systems
Windows, Macintosh, UNIX
User Training Fast Learning
Technical Writing
Electronics Engineering
System Maintenance
Network Equipment
Team Player

Customer Service Director, Mr. Fixit, 2006-Present, Denver, CO
Reduced operating cost by more then 60% by migrating the Customer Relations Management system from Salesforce.com to Salesboom.com.
Documented business processes and procedures for the training of new hires, enabling them to be productive within two days.
Created business processes and data handling procedures to maximize customer satisfaction with only 3 complaints last year out of more then 1000 transactions.
Managed and grew the Customer Service Representative group, the IT department, web master and database administrator enabling them go from handling less then 500 transactions to over 1000 transactions.

Columnist, iProng.com, 2005-present, Fort Collins, CO
Write the Monday flagship column analyzing the iPod and music markets.
Wrote the ebook: So You Wanna Learn How To Podcast.

Writer/Publisher, Ziggurat Math, 2002-2005, Fort Collins, CO
Wrote the book: How to Teach Your Child Numbers and Counting.
Embedded System Engineer, Decatur Tech. LLC, 2001-2002, Fort Collins, CO
Provided ISO 9000 documentation for engineering design procedures which enabled successful re-certification.
Addressed the shortcomings of the in-car video products documentation by adding pictures.
Redesigned handheld radar unit for European safety certification enabling the company to more then double their market space.
Created an installation video for the in car video product used by the documentation team which significantly improved documentation.

Volunteer Experience:
Instructed a men’s self-improvement group for 40 minutes twice a month.
Youth group assistant leader.
Managed the membership of a non-profit group.

B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology — Brigham Young University

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