Monday, August 03, 2009

The Simple Dollar Putting the Strength of Weak Ties to Work

The Simple Dollar Putting the Strength of Weak Ties to Work: "Here’s what you do. Go to such meetings and get involved. Get over your stage fright and offer to present. Attend talks and presentations that are in your wheelhouse, pay attention, and ask questions that are interesting and potentially useful to others in the room."

I have never found this to actually happen. Often my questions are totally misinterpreted, i.e. they talk for 20 minutes about something only tangentially unrelated to the question I asked.

I've been trying to get a Readiness Fair together for my church and it was just cancelled for the third time. It is now just going to be a half hour presentation split between the canning lady, the Ham radio guy and myself, but we'll make it work.

Sometimes it is just hard to deal with the meeting where no one wants to make a decision. I hate those meetings and they happen all the time. I toss ideas on the table just to make something happen, often those ideas are not all that good but we often end up with something that works. Sadly, a lot of those things die on the vine anyway since on one is willing to in charge especially not the managers. Oh, well.

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