Monday, March 17, 2008

Somethings can't be explained in objective terms, you need to experience them for yourself

Mind Hacks: A stroke of insight

I watched this mainly because my mother had a stroke and was disabled by it until her death.

But what grabbed me completely was how similar what she experienced was to something I experienced. My wife and I were almost killed, and our unborn daughter was killed, by a drunk driver. We experienced 11 on the pain scale, and endured months of grueling physical and occupational therapy.

I came up with all kinds of very creative ways to deal with the drunk who did this to us, even though he had died on scene, believe me we engineers can be very creative when we want to be.

But finally came the day when I forgave him of what he had done to us, why because it was the right thing to do an something the Lord has commanded of us. The result was beyond anything I could have expected, the power that enveloped me filled me with a love for all people that seemed to fill the whole earth and beyond.

It was truly incredible. She experienced something similar.

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