Friday, March 07, 2008

School just doesn't matter sometimes

Homeschoolers' setback sends shock waves through state: "'They just affirmed that the current California law, which has been unchanged since the last time it was ruled on in the 1950s, is that children have to be educated in a public school, an accredited private school, or with an accredited tutor,' she said. 'If they want to send them to a private Christian school, they can, but they have to actually go to the school and be taught by teachers.'"

It just doesn't really matter what the school system does, they can be ignored.

I know people who raised good children under oppressive regimes. Eastern Bloc mostly. They would teach their children after school the things they should know. Sometimes, okay almost always, they would ignore homework. It never amounted to much in the way of a grade anyway so it was easy.

Actually, we have it much easier here then there. Here we have all kinds of zero-tolerance policies in place. Their greatest punishment is to keep you out of school. Just make sure to put a toothless plastic knife in their lunch and then you'll have plenty of time to learn something.

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