Monday, December 13, 2004

The Incredibles

We saw "The Incredibles" over the weekend with some friends for his birthday and it is a blast of a movie.
It really isn't aimed at out kids, it is a little intense for a preschooler, but we had a great time.

The premise is really rather cool: superheros have to go underground as they have been sued to keep them from helping people who don't want to be helped. They live ordinary lives with ordinary jobs, obviously that won't work in the long run but it is funny to watch them cope.

The best part about the movie is that the story and characters are really strong, they really speak to me and my friends. Watching how these characters cope with very difficult situations is very hard to watch sometimes as it is very serious and funny as things fall apart around them.

As the mom is trying to explain to her son that "everyone is special" which he takes to mean "that nobody is," she forgot to mention that it is in different ways that we are each special. I am sure that the kids weren't the smartest in school or the best at weightlifting or something like that. Being special in different ways is what makes us strong as long as we recognize that and find what we are special at. If we are not doing what we are best at we will be as unhappy as Joe is in his day job.

I don't know if this is something they have improved but I noticed is that they seemed to put a lot of work into the hair of each character. Even the wet hair looked like wet hair. Maybe I was just sensitive to it because my wife did her hair really well that night but we'll find out for sure in the DVD commentaries.

This is another movie that makes me want to get the DVD to hear the commentaries and explanations about what they did. I think the LOTR DVDs have spoiled me but I really like a good commentary to a DVD, to listen too during the movie. I turn closed captioning so I know what is going on.

Something that is never resolved is what happened to the supervillians while the superheros are in relocation?

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