Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bad times

It has been a terrible couple of weeks. It started on the last week of July, I had to give a short what we learned from the scriptures this week lesson in sacrament meeting, then one of my harddrives in the tower died, it only took about 3 hours to recover from which was much less time then I thought it would take.
Then I had an apparent Gallbladder attack which put me in the ER for a few hours, and when we got home we learned that my Mother was also in the hospital because of a massive stroke, this one on the other side of her body from the one a few years back and so she appeared totally paralyzed. So I put together a little deathwatch bag to make traveling easier, since it was just across the state. Mom then died on the following Monday. So we went down to comfort Dad.
Then my sister and I had to put together the memorial service for Mom. I got a guest book, designed a program, and write a talk about Mom and how she influenced my life. All this during a tornado watch.
the day before the memorial one of my Home Teachees found out her unborn son had a tumor on a kidney and needed comforting and a blessing.
Another trip down to Dad's place for the memorial and the reception line and family time.
Yesterday, I finally got to planting the lilac we bought for the front garden, just before all this started happening, but that afternoon our little girl got into one of the heating vents and badly cut her foot, requiring a trip to the doctor for some stitches.
There is a reason for my feeling tired and stressed but I need to get back to doing things for my family, they are the only external thing you can take with you.

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