Sunday, October 04, 2009

The mis-measurement mismanagement continues

Even as layoffs persist, some good jobs go begging - Yahoo! Finance: "The jobs opened up after the lab received federal stimulus money to research energy-efficient buildings. Baker needs employees with backgrounds in city management and a grasp of the building codes needed to design energy-efficient buildings. Yet even a salary of $140,000 for senior researchers isn't drawing enough qualified applicants.

Baker said he's getting resumes from well-educated people, including some from information technology workers who want to enter the green-energy field. But he said it could take a year to get an unqualified employee up to speed on all the building codes they need to know."

It reminds me of a job posting I saw once, a C++ programing fluent in English, Braille and Swahili.

There are lots of smart people out there that can't get a good job since they are missing some requirement or other.

The real question is how long will they let the position stay open before the cost/benefit calculation blows up.

A lot of companies are getting what they pay for even it is not what they really want.

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