Wednesday, April 08, 2009


That is what our car looked like after we were rescued. The firefighters used seemingly every piece of equipment they had to get us out of that wreck.

Martha would be in my wife's Primary class now.

Today is a quiet day for us, trying to keep busy. The pain isn't so bad any more. I seem go for some time without thinking of her. Though sometimes I am cynical and think maybe its because after the loss of the house and the career, heck the industry I was in and getting lucky enough to ride 2 companies in a row that plowed into the ground, maybe I am just numb. But I know that my Heavenly Father loves us, cares for us and does good for us. We have been assured that thing will be better in His time. So I try to be patient.

I seem to run across a lot of atheist on the Web and the central reason, that I see, that they are is because of one question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

They are shallow thinkers when it comes to this question for some reason. Good things AND bad things happen to ALL people and it often isn't obvious what a good or a bad might be for that person. Your worst enemy winning the lottery may be suffering much worse then you losing your child. And don't confuse revenge for justice.

Human beings only grow when we overcome adversity. But it is up to us to decide if that adversity will be a stumbling block or a stepping stone. Jesus will give us peace. His peace not the worlds peace which is completely different and not as good. He is also a master of making lemonade. Not only will He make the bad a good in our life but also in the lives of others, often many others. If you can't see that you are not looking or listening.

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