Friday, May 23, 2008

Another loss to the SciFi world

Myth Adventures Home: "On May 22, 2008, Bob passed away quietly in his home in
New Orleans, LA. He had been in good spirits and working
on several new projects, and was set to be the Guest of Honor
at a major science fiction convention that very weekend.
He is survived by his mother, his sister, his daughter and his
son, and his cat, Princess, not to mention countless friends and fans and numerous legendary fictional characters.

He will be greatly missed."

I really liked the Myth-series, it offered a note of hilarity during some very rough times. Sadly most of them are in storage somewhere but it is time to hit the bookstore for a tribute.

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John Gilmore said...

Phil Phoglio, the illustrator who did such a fantastic job on the original "myth" books, has a webcomic. see