Monday, January 29, 2007

Teach your children your self they aren't learning in school

This video lasts 15 min. If you have children in school you must see this.

We are helping a 10 years old neighbor and have been wondering why her reading and math skills are so poor. Now we know. :(

Bother. Lattice Math is nothing more then warmed over Diagonal Math, was big during the Renaissance, it was taught at only select Italian universities. It was dropped like the Albatross it is once the Standard Algorithm was created. It is slow, tedious and was just a stepping stone to a better way. What kind of dunderhead dredged that up to sell it to our schools.

The Standard Algorithm is the standard because it is fast and error resistant. I am sure if someone comes up with something better we'd convert to that before too long.

Does it seem darker around here to you?

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