Saturday, December 30, 2006

Free goverment skills training handbooks

I was surfing through Jerry Pournelle's site. He is one of my favorite Scifi and SciFact authors. From time to time he and his readers discuss education. This time around they are pondering the difference between symbol based (mathematical) and skills based education. One of his readers pointed us to some wonderful handbooks kindly created by our goverment.

Machinist handbooks

Math, Physics, Chemistry and many others

Okay, the second is from the training programs for nuclear engineers and technicians, but that just doesn't matter as the laws of physics are pretty stable for us. Just get the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry handbooks and you are good.

These are good solid handbooks to learn from and since we've already paid our government to create these they are free.

How many parents have said follow your dreams but have a solid skill to fall back on. Machinist is a good and so are plumber, electrician and furnace repair. These are jobs that cannot be outsourced, they have to come to your house.

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