Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A bunch of Mac stuff

Linux Insider has a pair of stories about the Mac being less expensive and faster then the equivalent PCs.

On the other hand I think the intuitive bottom line on the Macintosh versus PC productivity debate is actually pretty simple: I've never met a PC user whose focus on the job he or she was supposed to be doing wasn't significantly diluted by the need to accommodate the PC and its software, but I've never met a business Mac user who considered the machine anything other than a tool, like a telephone or typewriter, for getting the job done.

That really boils it done for me. With my Mac I stop thinking about the machine and I just get things done. The only time I end up thinking about the Mac itself is when I find that I have 12-15 applications open all at the same time because I haven't quit anything in the past week or so. And this is with a 4 year old 366MHz G3 iBook machine. With a PC I was always quitting programs since I wasn't sure if opening a new one would crash it. Or something that worked yesterday stopped working today for no reason and I would have to track it down if a reboot didn't fix it. I never really trusted a PC with my important stuff without a floppy or Zip disk to hold a backup.

Apple has also released a set of new iPods.
I have a 20GB 3G iPod mostly filled with audiobooks, backups and some inspirational and quiet background music.

The audiobooks fill in those not so productive times: like driving and yardwork.
I also keep a copy of my latest files on the iPod as a fast backup.
If I wanted too I could set the iPod up to be a bootable drive.

Sure, PC are cheap and common but too often I have felt that they just were not quite the right tool for the job. I would have to think about how to do the job instead of just doing that job.

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